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Julie’s Workshop

“Adventures in Wood”


Inspired by Two. Created by Many.

My mom and dad began building these stools ‘many moons ago’. I’m delighted to carry on the tradition.

Julie’s Workshop Adventure…

The Beginning - Inspired By Two…

My mom and dad had a friend who gave both myself and my older sister a personalized stool when we were little ones. I still have it! Then my little sister was born and my parents wanted one for her. So they built one! That moment inspired my parents to continue making stools for other little ones and a tradition was born. My parents passed away leaving only a few stools ready built. So when we got down to only one left made by their hands, I decided it was time to begin making them again. So the tradition continues…

Created By Many...

Inspiration from what my parents started, following by support, guidance, tool shopping and workshop setup with my childhood neighbours, Ron and Monique. A ‘full circle’ moment in time, as the orignal stools my mom and dad built were cut and sanded in Ron and Monique’s workshop! They made beatiful furniture and generiously opened their workshop up to my mom and dad for their stool making adventure. I’m grateful for both their help in setting up my workshop and for the enjoyment in reflection to memories it gave us all. 

Contact Julie

A personalized stool for your little one is just an email away. They also make great gifts and treasured keepsakes!

Custom Stools

This is the first stool Julie made 3 years ago and sparked the idea to pick up where her mom and dad left off – making custom stools.

Original Stools

These are some of the original stools Julie’s mom and dad made; Julie’s inspiration. Custom wood stools personalized for your little loved-ones.

Festival - 2018

Peony Festival 2018 


Julie created her own workshop!

Workshop Equipment

Julie’s favourite time in her workshop! When the doors are open on a sunny day 🙂


I had no idea how much I would enjoy creating these until I got started!


“Julie the stool you made was a fantastic little gift for my nephew. Thank you!”


“I’m so glad a friend told me about your stools Julie! It made for a one of kind, baby shower gift! ”


“Thank you Julie! So cute to watch my neice toddle around with her new stool”


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